"Ready to bring your story to life through exceptional video production?

Blackweather is your African content provider.

Dedicated to empowering your narrative and captivating the world."


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Blackweather Productions, founded and led by Xolelwa Nhlabatsi

as Creative Director, is a distinguished production company with

a rich history spanning over a decade. As a boutique production ​house, we excel in the art of bringing creative visions to life.

Our core focus lies in crafting compelling branded content, where ​we seamlessly blend storytelling with visual artistry to captivate ​audiences and elevate brand narratives.

At Blackweather, we pride ourselves on being more than just a ​production company; we are a dedicated team of visionaries, ​storytellers and artists committed to delivering exceptional ​cinematic experiences and making a lasting impact in the world of ​media and entertainment.

Branded ​Content

enrich in africa

company profile

This video is a testament to the power of collaboration, ​innovation and the boundless potential of entrepreneurship, ​regardless of geographical borders.

We Are Bizarre

Agency Launch

This isn't your usual agency, during the launch, we asked guests to join in the celebration by giving us a Bizarre greeting, mirroring the company's name and spirit.

Wits Business school

External Message

Through the lens of our cameras, viewers can witness the dedication and attention to detail that the campus has poured into creating a secure learning environment.

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Branded Content

Festo’s 50th anniversary

Event Video

Experience the magic of Festo's 50th Anniversary celebration in ​South Africa! Join the staff as they commemorate half a century ​of dedication and innovation with a night of joy and gratitude for ​their global family.


Library Jams

Picture an enchanting afternoon at your local library, where the hushed ambiance of bookshelves met the soul-stirring melodies of Zoe Modiga.

Mustard Outdoor

Billboard Drone video

Step into the extraordinary world of Robertsons’ Spice’s 100 ​Years Billboard.This video embodies the essence of Robertsons ​legacy, celebrating 100 years of iconic presence with unparalleled ​views and a sense of awe-inspiring wonder.

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Nefarious creatures

short film 2022

What happens when a valuable ​package goes missing?


web series 2020

A man must come to terms with ​being dumped on the day of his ​girlfriend’s birthday.

into infinity

short film 2018

A scientist will have to be the subject of her own experiment to see if there’s life after death.

lost in the world

short film 2015

A police officer is out to avenge the ​death of her girlfriend.



Eva Kopf

European Project Manager

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

“Communication & responsiveness ​were excellent, as well as flexibility

with regards to deadlines.

Most important of all, we were very

happy with the end result!”

Jonas Radunz

Public Relations Officer

Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

“Working with Blackweather has been an ​absolute pleasure: highest quality of work, ​professionalism, clear communication

and always room for a joke or two!”

Alison Gaylard

Communications Offiicer

Wits Business School

"Xolelwa is an absolute pleasure

to work with: utterly professional,

capable, talented and efficient.

I would recommend his services to ​anyone!"



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